Nickel :

Nickel squares, plates, flats and 'P', 'R' & 'S' Rounds, Coins or Pellets.

Solder :

Solder Anodes of 60:40% or 63:37% (tin lead) like that of Copper Anodes.

Chrome :

7% Antimonial/Lead or 7% or 10% tin / lead alloy anodes in plates, corrugated flats, rods (round) or Bonded on MS core.

Gold Plating :

Carbon Anode/S.S. Anode of 316 qualities / Graphite Anode or Pt.Ti. Mesh.

Cadmium :

Cadmium plates or flats or rods (round or oval) or sphere balls or nuggets.

Anodising :

Aluminium and Lead Cathodes as per process requirement.

Copper :

For Acid Copper Bath : Phosphorised Copper Anodes and for Cyanide Copper Bath : Cast/Rolled Electrolytic Copper Anodes in plates, flats, rods(round, oval or dog bone) or round balls/ nuggets.

Silver :

Silver anodes of 99.99% can be supplied in various shapes and sizes.

Zinc :

Zinc Anodes as per the shapes of copper anodes. For acid zinc plating special high grade zinc slabs (99.995%) to be used.

Tin :

For alkaline & acid tin baths, Tin Anodes in shapes like Copper Anodes, or 90% Tin / Lead alloy are also available.