Polishing Brushes

Brass Wooden Hand Brush ;

This is Multi row copper plated wire brush which is made up of wood and Wires. Brass wooden hand brush is used for cleaning decontamination and rust removal.

Brass Wheel :

The brushes are engineered to endure heavy duty scrubbing jobs. The combination of stainless steel and brass are carefully chosen for a lasting performance. These drilling attachments can be used in brushing vehicles or to scrub paint off surfaces. It can also be used to prepare certain surface for gluing

Iron Wheel Brush (SOFT) :

7 inches spacial Soft Iron Wheel is designed with medium stiffness abrasive nylon. These brushes are widely used for de-burring, grinding and metal finishing works.

Iron Wheel Brush (HARD) :

7 inches Special Corrosion-resistant stainless steel brushes designed for removing burrs, rust, and corrosion from metal surfaces. Also ideal for preparing molds and surfaces for coatings.