Polishing Composition

Emery Powder :

Emery Powder of all range from 60, 90, 120, 180 and above upto flour.

Glue :

Glue or Saras in flake form or odorless Synthetic Glue is available.

Emery Composition :

A superb composition for removing scratches and improving surface prior to Plating and for final finishing after Plating.

Tripoli Composition :

Red composition which combines fineness and quality of finish, with quick cutting.

Universal Composition :

An unique composition for 'Cutting', 'colouring' and final finishing ability.

Green Composition :

A green composition is for imparting high brilliance to Chrome deposit & excellent for finishing stainless steel.

Plastic Composition :

Cutting & finishing P.V.C., Plastics, Ebonite, Perspex, ABS & other Polymer.

Rouge Composition :

For finishing Gold, Silver, and Jewellery articles as well as high quality Brasswares.

S.S. White Composition :

Specially suitable for finishing dull chrome deposit and for cutting and colouring of stainless steel and aluminium. It is recommended particularly for cutlery, S.S. utensils etc.

Liquid Buffing Compounds :

These are water based versions of solid bar compositions, which can be applied, sprayed or pumped onto cloth buffing wheels for polishing metals like M.S., S.S., Brass, Copper, Gold, Nickel Plating & Chrome Burning and Plastics like Bakelite, ABS., Phenolic, Acrylic, etc.

Buffing Kit :

This special buffing kit is for Metal and Plastic articles, comprising of 4 different polishing wheels and four different grades of buffing compounds for use on a variety of articles, supplied in briefcase